Brian Hughes

Brian’s parents bought the Abbeyglen in 1969 and he was raised working in the hotel in the summers while living in a caravan in the back of the hotel. In the early days, the hotel was closed for the winter but now it is an all season 4 star hotel. Brian and dad Paul take great care creating a welcoming environment for their guests at the Abbeyglen and it is known for it’s great music nights and exquisite cuisine.

The Connemara Safari was inspired by Brian’s love for the Islands off the west coast, namely Inishbofin, Inishturk and Clare Island. Brian created the Safari to make the Islands accessible to the public through the tour which is an all inclusive package and a great value. The islands have a rugged distinct beauty and the Connemara Safari is a great way to hike them with the help of Gerry MacCloskey and his knowlege of the Islands.

Gerry MacCloskey

Gerry is originally from Derry, in Northern Ireland.  He is a graduate of the Shannon College of Hotel Management, and has worked extensively in the hotel industry for a number of years. He then worked for the Irish Tourist board (Bord Failte) in New York, Manchester, London and Ireland.  For a time he was also a hotel inspector for Bord Failte. Gerry started his own restaurant in Schull, county Cork, and had a very famous restaurant in Bunratty called MacCloskeys for many years. Very sadly Gerry’s wife Marie passed away at a very young age.  Gerry then sold his business, did a degree in archaeology, and then did a masters degree on Inisturk. Gerry now spearheads the Connemara Safari Walking Tours.

During the summer months he guides the Safari from June to September and in the off season is known to work in the Abbeyglen kitchen creating savoury dishes for it’s patrons. Gerry is very friendly and knowlegeable in his field of archeology and educates the tourists on his tours in an interesting way full of stories of the Islands and their history. I loved his way of telling us how the Irish would defend themselves against invaders and how he explained the stones and their arrangement on the ground and their significance to the history of the people.

Gerry makes everyone feel at home and comfortable and takes great care of all the tourists on his tours. Thanks Gerry!


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