A Walking Tour of Ireland and it’s West Islands

Photos and story by Nathalie Bureau-Ellison

The Connemara Safari is full of beauty typical of Ireland’s Connemara area in the West. The Safari hiking tour allows tourists from around the world to hike the beautiful Killary Fjord and the Islands Inishbofin, Inishturk and Clare Island. With all expenses included in the cost of the tour, there are no worries about any details, they are all taken care of for you. Meals are fresh and delicious, accomodations are clean, comfortable and full of friendly locals, transportation costs are included and the days are filled with hiking. This tour offers an intimate look at the land of these remote islands and makes them accessible. The Connemara Safari’s walking tour of Ireland’s West Islands is great value and worth repeating in years to come. I intend to hike it all again someday soon.




  1. Hello to the Connemara Safari Planners:
    I would be very interested in joining one of your walking tours in Ireland next summer. Please send me the schedule (only 2010 in on your present web site). Also please inform me on how strenuous the hikes are. I am accustomed to walking several hours each day, but I am 73 years old and won’t be able to keep up with people under 40.
    Thank you very much

    Ruth Maria Capelle

    • Hello Ruth. I would like to assure you that if you walk several hours each day, you should have no problem walking on this Safari. I recommend a good pair of hiking shoes and a walking stick, as well as some rain gear because sometimes it gets wet. I loved this tour, it is beautiful and I highly recommend it to you next summer. I am sure that the new dates will be up soon on their official site so please check back frequently. Booking in advance does give you a discount as well so it is great that you can plan ahead. You will also thoroughly enjoy Gerry who is a reknowned archeologist in Ireland and knows a great deal about the islands. Also, I recommend booking yourself into the Abbeyglen the Friday night so you can relax and have a great time with your group at the end. I did this last year and am glad I did. If you have any other questions, please feel free to connect with me again, this blog is a great place for you to ask questions and get answers! Regards, Nathalie Ellison 🙂

    • Hello Ruth. Please note that the new dates for next year are up on the website and you can start to plan your great Connemara Safari adventure! I am excited for you, you will for sure enjoy the tour. Regards, Nathalie Ellison

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